So Sunday was my baking day. I had a craving for some Girl Scout cookies, so I decided to whip up some Samoas. “Whip up” is definitely not the correct term to use because I spent about 5 hours on these things. Luckily the Game of Thrones marathon was on, so I wasn’t going crazy. First you have to make the cookie dough, this was easy and a no brainer. I had to let the dough chill for an hour, so in the meantime, I toasted the coconut. It took me a while because I had to use a toaster oven. You also don’t need to use 3 cups of coconut. 1.5 cups will be more than enough. After the coconut toasted, I still had a while before the dough was ready, so I melted the caramel. Then I cleaned up my kitchen a little bit. Finally the dough was ready. I didn’t have a donut shaped cookie cutters so I just made the cookies into flat circles. After the cookies were baked and cooled, I remelted the caramel to put on the coconut and cookies. This was hard. The caramel was really hot, and the coconut/caramel mix was really sticky and messy. Essentially what I did was take a cookie, and used a spoon to spread the caramel on the cookie. I then took some of the coconut/caramel mix and stuck it on top of the caramel. It took me a while to get a hang of this, but eventually I got into a groove, and it was easy. While the caramel and coconut was cooling on the cookies, I melted the chocolate in a flat soup bowl. This was the easiest bowl to dip the cookies in. Once all the cookies were dipped in chocolate and laid out, drying on the wax paper. I drizzled the rest of the melted chocolate over the cookies. Once all the chocolate was hardened, it was time to taste test my project of the day. Even though it took me five hours to do, it was totally worth it. The cookies were delicious. I gave some to friends and family, and I already have requests for more. Some things I would do differently would probably to make the cookies a little flatter. I would also toast less coconut because I didn’t use all of it and that is a waste. Overall this was a success.
Recipe for Samoa Cookies



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